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Welcome to the world of
Inspection Technology

eroric porn,Inspection is a key quality safeguard for pharmaceuticals, and contributes significantly to patient safety. It also helps to improve the entire production process.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers must pay attention to sterile filling and material integrity to ensure the highest product safety. The containers run through many different stages, i.e. washing, siliconizing, sterilizing, filling and closing. They are exposed to different temperatures, pressures, and high-speed movements. This is where inspection technology comes into play.,sec videos

hd sex clip,One single technology is not sufficient to inspect all drugs at the highest standards. Key is to find the most suitable technology for your container type and product.

  • Visual inspection expertise

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    Our high-resolution camera systems are robust devices for detection of cosmetic defects and particles in low- to high-viscosity products.,catton xxx

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    A light transmission-based method for moving particle inspection in liquid products.,vibrater

  • Difficult to inspect products

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    Some products limit the ability to detect particles. They require advanced know-how and technology.,javleak

  • Artificial Intelligence applied to visual inspection

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    • System ready for qualification
    • Already in use in manufacturing line

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    • Detection rates up to 100 %
    • False reject rates down to 0 %

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    • Seamless integration into vision system
    • Only 3 vision tools per recipe

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    • Less machine idle time for recipe tuning
    • Potentially millions of dollar in annual savings


  • Container closure integrity testing

    imwf,Container leaks might lead to a change in the active pharmaceutical ingredient: drugs can lose their efficacy or lead to unexpected side effects.

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    Graphic container defects

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    Measurement of absorption by oxygen and/or moisture molecules to detect permanent and temporary leaks.,exbii forum

    • Very gentle, non-destructive measuring method
    • Preferred technology for products filled under vacuum or inert gas


    1337 torent,This container closure integrity testing is based on electrical conductivity measurements. High voltage is applied across the containers filled with conductive liquids. An elevated electrical current indicates a leak.

    • Reliable leak testing even for filling products with low conductance and minimal contents
    • Holistic measuring system to cover the whole container surface
    Ampoule processing
  • Combined machine platforms

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    hentai queen,We combine visual inspection and container closure integrity testing on one platform.

  • Product portfolio
    • AIM 800 series vials and ampoules


      Designed to handle the wide range of containers at the maximum speed of 600 containers per minute. It can inspect liquids (including highly viscous products and suspensions) and lyo products, either in vials, ampoules or syringes.,joi pornhub

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    • AIM 800 series syringes

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      hot big boob,Designed to handle the complex assembly of syringes through proven technologies. Inspect at the max. speed of 600 containers per minute. As an option, AI technology can be added to distinguish particles from bubbles precisely.

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    • AIM 300 visual inspection

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      Automated Inspection Machine for ampoules and vials for particulates, cosmetic defects and leak detection at up to 24,000 containers per hour – on one single machine platform.,abigal mac

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    • AIM 3000 series Teaser flexibility

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      Thanks to its modular design, AIM3000 can be adapted optimally and inspect ampoules or vials, liquids or lyophilized products. For CCI testing, high voltage leak detection and headspace analysis are available.,tushy xxx

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    • Video about AIM 2000 Series


      emplix,Proven and reliable technology based on long-term experiences with dental and insulin cartridges. At the maximum speed of 400 c.p.m, vials can be also inspected on one platform.

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    • KHS video teaser on youtube

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      free sex arb,sexy cliping and Lighthouse Instruments join their complementary strengths to offer best-in-class headspace leak detection machines!

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    • Video "Fully integrated syringe inspection line"

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      Pursuing a fully integrated approach, the line offers a holistic solution for the de-nesting, inspection and re-nesting of pre-filled syringes.,free sex arb

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Ralf Weihbrecht

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We´re looking forward to find the suitable inspection solution for your product. Please contact:,maid hentai

Ralf Weihbrecht
Sales Director Inspection Technology
Phone: +49 7151 14-2489

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