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Longer, wider, taller – that was yesterday. Less, thinner, more innovative – that’s what tomorrow’s dimensions in packaging are all about. The issues of climate change and plastic waste are too big for business as usual. That’s why we’re trying something new by reinventing packaging. And we want to think “new” with you to deliver sustainable packaging solutions that benefit the environment and your business success. You’re the packaging designer, materials specialist, or food manufacturer. We‘re the packaging technology experts. Together, we can make the transition to sustainable packaging happen.,pornvideo hd

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A retrofit or a new system? A country-specific or a global solution? A granola bar or a dairy product? Primary or secondary packaging? As far as we’re concerned, that “or” is an “and” because ecofriendly solutions from desi por cover every aspect of packaging. And we’re all set to reset priorities. Join us in transitioning from plastic to paper, from composites to mono-materials, and from today to tomorrow.,maid fuck


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  • Our machines enable you to pack and seal your products in recyclable plastic or paper.
  • We support you on your sustainable journey, from idea generation up to the
    ready product on the shelf.
  • People conversation desi por

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    Take a look at our consulting services  portfolio – from 360° workshops to material analyses and machinability tests,xxx fox porn

  • Employees consulting in the hallway

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    xxx fox porn,Find out more about sustainable packaging materials and the necessary equipment adjustments in our webinar series

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All measures to further the cause of sustainability have to be in line with the principles of a circular economy and waste hierarchy if we want cyclical rather than linear flows. This economy/ hierarchy is not about who has the power to do this or that; it’s about just doing it. Make the most of resources. Avoid. Reuse. Recycle. This is how energy and material cycles are transformed into (all but) closed loops. And that takes dedicated teamwork all across the food value chain. Sustainability is not a tune for one to whistle; it’s a symphony to be played by an orchestra. And our opening chord is a perfect three-part harmony of product, packaging material, and process.,fav porn

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bfxxxv,When it comes to sustainability, it’s difficult to consider all aspects from just one perspective. This is why we partner with packaging designers, material specialists, food manufacturers, retailers, public policymakers, associations, research institutions, and industry initiatives. Serving as this informal consortium’s technology and mechanical engineering experts, we drive the engine of innovation and champion the cause of integration.

xxx fox porn,When you say yes to sustainable packaging solutions, you’re saying yes to ecofriendly technologies and materials and all the many other advantages you have come to expect from us.

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  • Brand image
  • Flexibility
  • Process efficiency
  • Product quality
  • Product protection
Torsten Sauer

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Head of Sustainability at desi por,sakse felam

Send E-mail,saxi movi hd

  • Sustainable paper alternative to plastic blisters for tablets and capsules
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    desi por wins German Packaging Award for sustainable tablet packaging ,teen fucks

  • New system for tailor-made shaped paper pods
    sex pronhub, Packaging cosmetics sustainably in paper

  • Infographic showing the results of a survey about biscuit production
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    xxxn tv, Survey amongst biscuit manufacturers about sustainability activities

  • Doy Bag sustainable packaging
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    For more sustainable VFFS packages ,xxx fox porn